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Internet of things (IoT) based remote control robotic vehicle using android | circuit diagram and program code


With the advent of chip technology, remote controlling of toy cars can be done with wide variety of technologies like ir remote based remote control car, blue tooth based remote control car, zigbee based remote control car, GSM based remote control car, android based remote control car, and DTMF based remote control car. In all these the range of controlling the car is limited. These type robotics projects controlling can be useful in designing of control toys, rc car games or rc games.

 With the help of Internet of Things(IoT) technology, we can control these type of rc cars from anywhere and anytime with proper security credentials. By adding different types of sensors and other devices like cameras, metal detectors, etc these types of cars are very useful as unmanned vehicles which can enter area's where man cannot enter. In this project, controlling of car directions will presented from internet using IoT technology. An android application (app) is designed to access the controls of the remote vehicle just like rc controller. This android app is connected to internet, so that we can control the remote vehicle using touch screen on the smart phone.

In this project, a remote control car is driven with two DC motors with H-bridge circuit (L293D). The microcontroller unit (8051 or arduino or MSP430 or AVR) which is connected to wifi device will drive the H-bride circuit according to the commands sent from the android based smart phone. A 5v power supply is designed by using 7805 to power up both MCU unit and wifi device unit.

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  1. This app grants you full access to android phone data remotely


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This app grants you full access to android phone data remotely

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