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Internet of things (IoT) based home automation project with smartthings | project circuit and Embedded C program code and Android app


Because of today's busy and luxuries life schedule there are things to be control, monitor and secure from remote location. Based on this idea home automation project or home automation systems have been introduced. A lot of smartthings have been developed day by day to make our regular homes as intelligent homes or smarthouse. Because of the advanced technology smartthings like remote control sensors, remote load control systems, etc are getting miniaturized and make them portable. A lot of home automation idea has been implemented all over the world, but still no open source home automation project were not become best home automation system and not implemented completely. For example zigbee home automation projects and other intelligent home security systems (like GSM based home automation systems) were not become much popular because of its cost and intermediate hardware’s. Let us suppose zigbee home automation projects should require protocol conversion from zigbee network to IPv4 network. Whereas GSM based home automation projects suffer with cell phone signals in remote areas.
Because of the internet of things (IoT),  alot companies like google, facebook and other big organizations are focusing to provide free wifi based internet all over the world. Therefore because of internet of things it is possible to construct smarthomes and smartthings hub. The IoT based smart home automation project will solved the problem discussed above. We can any number of smartthings to these Iot based home automation project or wifi based home automation. No extra hardware and no extra service charges (mobile bills) are required in these IoT based home automation system.

 In this home automation system, an android based home automation app is designed to control the lights and fans at your houses. With the advance technology, the microcontroller unit (MSP430/Arduino) is interfaced with wifi device (CC3100/CC3200). Therefore load control circuit will be controlled by the mcu unit remotely through wifi technology and android based system. This wifi home automation is latest in home automation projects.


What is home automation or house automation and how to automate your home using IoT will explain below

You can make you home as intelligent homes with this DIY project.

Block Diagram:

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