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Simple and quick way to connect CC3200 Launch pad to internet for IoT applications

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to connect CC3200 launch pad to internet for IoT applications. Basically we do require the following equipment to connect CC3200 launchpad for IoT applications.
  1.  CC3200 launchpad
  2.  Code Composer Studio 6.0 or greater
  3.  Wifi router or smart mobile phone host spot
  4. Web application to display real –time applications (like Exosite).

    A small Introduction to IoT protocol and Standards:
Before going to actual thing, let me discuss some about the standards and protocols of IoT generation. In IoT, the biggest deal is to connect your device to web applications. There are a lot of ways to connect your device to web applications through internet for real time data monitoring, the most generic way is by using HTTP protocol. But the HTTP protocol is heavy weight protocol for IoT web application development. So that, so many other protocols have been developed to support sensor networks and IoT like XMPP, DDS, AMQP, MQTT, CoAP, etc. Even though XMPP (Stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) is popular for instant Messaging and it connects the people via instant text messages. But it is heavy weight protocol for IoT applications. At present, MQTT and CoAP are most popular, light weight and suitable protocols for IoT applications. MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry transport protocol, which provides publish/subscribe messaging model. And CoAP stands for Constrained Application Protocol which is simplified version of HTTP protocol for resource-constrained internet devices, like wireless sensor networks.

List of IoT connectivity websites
·         Things fabric

In this tutorial, I am not going to use any of these IoT protocols discussed instead generic HTTP protocol is used, because the demo IoT application code provided by exosite website uses these basic HTTP protocol functions (like post and get functions). To get started with this,

First of all, you download the CCS code for CC3200 launch pad to connect with exosite website from the following link ( If you successfully worked with CC3200 launch pad, then you can directly run the code downloaded. Otherwise refer getting started with CC3200 launch pad article in this website. Off course, install the tera-term application or any other serial monitor application to monitor the status of the CC3200 launch pad. When you run this application in code composer studio, firstly, CC3200 launch pad is configured in access point (wifi).

Step1: Now connect your PC to that access point. Ensure that jumper pin is connected between P58 and VCC as shown below. Otherwise place your jumper pin on J15-SOP (for programming)
CC3200 Launch pad as wifi Access Point
Step2: Open CMD and type command “ipconfig”, it will list out the IP address of the access point (like

Accessing CC3200 launch pad router default web page
Step3: Open the web browser and type the above IP address; it will open a static web page as shown in the above web page.
Step4: Go to profiles page and your wifi router profiles as shown below

Wifi Profile adding to CC3200 Launch pad

Step5: Connect your PC wifi to internet via wifi router
Step6: Open the tera-term for serial monitoring about the CC3200 status.
Step7: Create an Account in website and add your CC3200 launch pad to it.

Exosite Account Creation and Adding CC3200 launch pad to Exosite
Step8: Open the dashboard of your and click on your device in the device list, then it will show the data monitoring page as shown below.

CC3200 launch pad Monitoring and Control panel on exosite

Step9: Now place the jumper to J15 on the board, again run the program in code composer studio and load it into the CC3200 launch pad.

Step10: Once the device is connected to exosite through then you will find a message (Exosite Init) in tera term as shown below and you will see the real time data on the web page.

Real Time Data View for CC3200 on Exosite
Note: Sometimes it’s very difficult to get the username and password of the wifi, in such cases your can turn your mobile phone into Wi-fi access point by make use of hotspot. By enabling the hotspot technology in smart mobile phones can be used to connect your CC3200 launch pad to internet. You should provide user name and password for that mobile hotspot otherwise the CC3200 launch pad doesn’t connect to hotspot. It is the simple way and recommended to use mobile phone into wifi access point and your device CC3200 launch pad directly connects to internet.

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  1. I send data by CC3200 Lauchpad. Is there any way I can store my data as files, eg : * .csv files, * .txt ..., and I want to download the file


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hung tran said...

I send data by CC3200 Lauchpad. Is there any way I can store my data as files, eg : * .csv files, * .txt ..., and I want to download the file

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