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Applications and Importance of Artificial Neural Networks – Tutorial Part2

In the last tutorial of artificial neural networks we specified that human brain is big massive complex non-linear network. From this the Artificial Neuron should be designed with a non-linear function. Ok we will discuss about the non-linear function in the next tutorial.

Now we will some application and importance of Artificial Neural Networks

What is the importance of the Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs):
1.       Human brain is very good at pattern recognition (like handwriting recognition, etc.,) and can interpret noisy and incomplete data.
2.       Human brain is itself responsible for parallel processing and distributed representation.
3.       Human brain is very excellent in Learning.
All the human brain activities can be achieved by using Artificial Neural Networks in the computer technologies.

Applications of Artificial Neural Network (ANN):
1.       System identification
2.       Gamming and decision making (Ex: Chess game)
3.       Pattern recognition (like face recognition, voice recognition, handwritten recognition)
4.       Medical diagnosis – ex: ANN used to diagnosis various cancer.
5.       Financial applications
6.       Email-spam filtering
7.       Robotics

8.       Data processing, etc,

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