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RFID based Attendance System using MSP430

In every organization like educational institutions, factories, shops, malls and other corporate companies has to maintain the daily attendance of each and every worker. Manually taking the attendance of every worker or student in educational institutes is not much effective. A person should appointed specially to monitor whether the valid person entering the signature in his corresponding field in the register or not. If the number of fields in the register (like sign in and sign out times etc.,) is increased, the time taken to enter these entire fields by each person also increases. Assume this situation, when an organization has one thousand employees and more. It also required monitoring that some people may not enter into unauthorized sections in the company. It is necessary to provide a security system for those unauthorized sections.
The best solution for attendance system and security is to provide a unique identity and this can be possible by using many latest technologies. By providing the uniquely identified device it is possible to record the each person sign in and sign out details along with exact timing. This system can be implemented by using image processing face detection techniques or Bio-metrics in which thumb impression or iris taken as unique identity. But these two are complex to implement and also cost of project will increase. At the same time bio-metrics and image processing will be slow if the number of database increases.  Here, comes the picture of RFID technology which suits more likely to this application. The management of the organization should provide unique identification cards to each and every person working in their organization. Those cards are commonly referred as RFID tags. A RFID reader is used to read the RFID tag data, when the RFID tag is placed over the RFID reader device. Whenever the user places the RFID tag over the RFID reader device, the reader reads it and stores this information into EEPROM.
 The actual technology can be used in this project is RFID reader device, EEPROM, a microcontroller, character LCD, etc. But this is not the case with MSP430 microcontroller, it is possible to reduce cost of the project and also reduce the power requirement. MSP430 is Ultra low power microcontroller, which internally contains 16kB flash memory. Because of the internal flash memory, EEPROM is not used to store the data, why because the MSP430 provides the flash write operation during execution. With the help of USCI (universal serial communication interface) support, the RFID is easily interfaced with the MSP430.

RFID based Attendance System using MSP430

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing such a good source (RFID based system) with all, i appreciate your efforts taken for the same. I found this worth sharing and must share this with all.


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johan kater said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such a good source (RFID based system) with all, i appreciate your efforts taken for the same. I found this worth sharing and must share this with all.

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