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Power Generation Using Speed Breaker for Street Lights

Now-a-days, everything runs under electrical power, without the electrical power the world can’t move. Ranging from simple electrical bulb to heavy machinery in industries runs under electrical power. That’s why there is a very huge requirement for power generation in this fast moving world. Scientists and engineers have developed many innovative methods for power generation, but still all these methods are very highly economical to buy. Even though governments has been spending a lot of money to generate power for house hold, industries, Highway Street lights, etc., In some cases the governments also failed to supply power to Highway street lights which in turn increases the road accident during nights.
In this project, an effective solution is provided to generate power to lit the Highway street lights continuously which in turn reduces the road accidents during night times. A principle is followed to develop this project to generate electricity for Highway Street lights “Energy neither be created nor be destroyed”.  Based on the number of vehicles passing through the speed breakers on the road, so that a lot of kinetic energy acquired by the vehicles will transform in to another form of energy when the vehicles climbs the speed breaker. There is a lot of kinetic energy acquired by the vehicles gone wasted at speed breakers. In this project, a simple electromechanical generator principle is used to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicles in to the electrical energy. And this energy is used to drive the street lights along the highway roads.

In this project, an electromechanical generator is used to generate electricity and a simple circuit is implemented to drive the LED’s as street lights. Gear wheel and some mechanical spring based mechanism is used to rotate the rotor of the generator.

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