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Automatic Public Tap control system using PIR sensor to prevent wastage of water - Abstract

Out of many non-renewable resources, water is very important resource for living beings. Not only for mankind, it is a valuable resource for many creatures in the world. Day by day the world population increases and it reaches to 7 billion. The raise in population will adversely affect the wastage of drinking water. Generally, the usage of drinking water is more in household purposes, office purposes and in public purposes. The government spends more money to produce drinking water from river water and then supplied to all houses, office and etc... But because of the laziness and absent mind of the human beings, the wastage of drinking water can be seen more in household purposes and in public taps.
In this project, for the above described problem, a solution is proposed to reduce the wastage of drinking water. This can be achieved by allowing water flow from a public tap only in the presence of a human being. If the person leaves the place then the sensor will automatically recognize the absence of person and it will intimate to the control circuit. Then the control circuit will immediately stop the outflow of water from the tap by closing the lid with the help of a DC motor.
The technology generally used to develop this project is PIR sensor, a Microcontroller, Motor driver and a DC motor. The PIR sensor will recognizes the presence of a person by talking the temperature difference. An MSP430 (16-bit microcontroller) or any other microcontroller is used to drive the DC motor to open or close the tap. The advantage of the MSP430 Microcontroller is that, it contains in-built analog to digital converter which convents the analog voltage variation from output of PIR sensor into digital and reduces the size of the device. But in the market PIR sensor itself comes with digital output, hence ADC is not used. Another advantage of the MSP430 is that all the port pins can be configure as interrupt pins. Hence the digital output of the PIR is connected to the MSP430 pin as an interrupt signal.

Block Diagram:

1.      MSP430G2553 Microcontroller
2.      DC motor
3.      ULN2003 IC
4.      Step down Transformer (500mA rating)
5.      Capacitors – 1000uf, 10uf
6.      7805 regulator, 7812 regulator.
7.      3.5 zener diode
8.      16x2 LCD display
9.      PIR sensor
           10. LED

For Complete Project with circuit diagram and code click here

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