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In the past few decades, there are many disasters had taken place due to the leakage of poisonous gas from different chemical industries. There are so many people died who live in the premises of chemical industries due to these poisonous gases leakage suddenly. Not only that, these toxic gases may pollute the earth atmosphere, which in turn effect environment and is not good for animals lives in water, earth, etc., Leakage of gas from the industry pipelines and containers also cause revenue loss for the industries.

In this project, a solution is provided for the above mentioned problems. An automatic gas leakage detector is proposed to detect any leakage in gas pipelines in industries and also in group of houses if any leakage occurs it will detect and it protect from that leakage. Whenever the gas sensor detects any gas leakage in pipelines or at homes, the device will immediately alert the people who live in surroundings by using siren. Before the advent of this project, alert system is in the OFF state, i.e., shown through an exhaust fan. Whenever the gas leakage is detected by the sensor then immediately the siren is played and the power is shut down i.e., the bulb status is off, and simultaneously the exhaust fan is ON until and unless gas leakage is not detected. Therefore this system is useful where human errors are possible.

The entire control circuit for this project is designed by using any suitable microcontroller. But here for the simplicity 8-bit microcontroller (89S52) is used. A gas sensor is interfaced to 89S52 microcontroller via an Analog to Digital converter. A buzzer is also interface to the microcontroller which acts as a siren when the leakage is detected. A DC motor is also interfaced to 89S52 microcontroller to represent the exhaust fan which will on when gas leakage is detected.

Block Diagram:


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  1. By putting gas detectors at work places we can save many lifes.


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Tina said...

By putting gas detectors at work places we can save many lifes.

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