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Traffic light controlling using mobile phone

You people have seen so many projects like traffic lights controlling using microcontroller based projects, controlling traffic lights using PC, automatic traffic light controller project ideas. All these projects on traffic light controlling is outdate. A new project idea for Engineering Students is shown in this blog.

Traffic Light Controlling Using Mobile phone


There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which in turn leads to increase problems in controlling traffic. Present Traffic Light Controllers (TLC) is based on microcontroller and microprocessor. These controllers have their own limitations because it uses the pre-defined hardware, which is functioning according to the program that does not have the flexibility of modification on real time basis. Due to fixed time intervals of green, orange and red signals the wasting of time for vehicles in less traffic density roads. Sometimes this situation leads to traffic JAM in busy hours.

To make the traffic light controlling more efficient, it is necessary to increase the time interval of traffic lights depend upon the traffic density dynamically. This can be achieved by sending a command to traffic light controller for change the time interval of traffic lights. Generally a traffic police uses his mobile phone to send command to TLC via SMS service. The command sent by the traffic police will increase the time duration of the traffic lights for high traffic density roads.

To implement this application, a GSM modem along with SIM card, 89s52 microcontroller for hardware implementation, supporting hardware for microcontroller, stepper motor as simulation gates. The algorithm written in embedded c operates the traffic light controller in two modes for the sake of traffic police man. In Mode0 the police man can dynamically set the time intervals for the traffic lights of individual roads. In Mode1 all the four road junction traffic lights set with equal time intervals.

Block Diagram for Traffic Light Controlling 

using GSM

Block diagram for Traffic Light Controlling using Mobile phone

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