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low power Biometric Fingerprint based attendance system and security provision system using 8051 Microcontroller (89s52+SM630)

Generally, in schools and colleges the attendances of the students are taken in oral passion by maintaining attendance register. Sometimes the students may malpractice the attendance system in the class room by answering other’s attendance. Not only in colleges, in companies or factories should the management maintain the attendance of each and every employee for their monthly payrolls. Here, also the employees may sign other absentee signature.

Maintaining the attendance manually is a big headache for big organizations. To avoid the malpractice in the attendance system, the management of the organization should appoint person to monitor the attendance register. The above idea seems to be creepy; here one solution which removes the above problems is by using biometric finger print based attendance system and security provision system using 8051 microcontroller.

In this system, each person finger print is taken as their unique identification to avoid the mal practicing in the attendance system. This system maintains the finger print database of all employees/students. Whenever a person places his figure on the finger print module, the microcontroller circuit takes the finger print data and perform mapping with the database. If the finger print is matched with the existing database then it automatically updates the attendance. This system not just maintain the attendance of each and every person, it also ensures that only authorized persons may enter into the room by opening the gate automatically. So that by using this system, security to the organization is provided.

In this project, the SM630 finger print module is used for scanning finger prints of each person. The algorithm design in the system can add, delete the records of the persons. The 89s52 microcontroller is used to initiate the finger print module, reads the finger print scanned by the module and provides the security by controlling the door of the room. The automatic door open and closing is shown by using stepper motor. A LCD is used to show the finger print entering status of a person. RS-232 cable can be used send the serial data if any PC interface is needed.

Block diagram for Finger Print based attendance system with security provision using 8051 Microcontroller (89s52+SM630)

Finger Print based attendance system with security provision using 8051 Microcontroller (89s52+SM630)

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Can I have the c code for this project pls..?

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can i have the codes?

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