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8051 Based Multi-messenger for Circulating Messages Automation

Passing the information to everyone is important in big organizations without fail. Generally in schools, colleges and offices an urgent message is passed by a person who carries a printed message to all the rooms in the college or a company.

This problem can be avoided by taking the advantage of Multi-messenger concept. In this project, each room in the college or company contains a LED based Message Scrolling Display along with a wireless device. A software tool which resides in the host computer is used to generate and send messages to each and every room via a wireless transmitter. The software is designed in such away that we can configure the message sending to single room (Unicast), to group of rooms (Multicast) and to all rooms (Broad cast). A message is sent to a particular room by adding its address to the message frame format. So that all the receivers in different rooms will simply discard the message except by that particular room which is addressed in the message frame format.

The Multi-messenger is an embedded based wireless communication project which displays the required message in the LED display. It uses the brain of both hardware and software. The hardware section involves microcontrollers, LED message display boards, power supply unit, ASK transceivers. Coming to the software section, a software tool developed in java according to the project specification. The firmware code is developed in embedded C.

Block Diagram for 8051 Based Multi-messenger for Circular Message Automation
Transmitter Block diagram for 8051 multi messenger

Receiver Diagram for 8051 based multi messenger

  As already discussed colleges or companies have a problem to circulate an urgent message to all people in time. This can be avoided by taking the Multi-Messenger idea. The diagram below gives an idea about the project.
The diagram consists of three rooms with wireless based LED Message Display Boards. These LED display in that rooms for which the data has to be sent. The computer shown below is used to send the message, wireless.
The computer is used by the user to send the information sent to the display. Java software tool is used as interface to the user and computer. The information is sent to the microcontroller through via RF wireless device.  The received data is processed by the microcontroller at the receiver and it sends it to LED display board.
              So the modules are divided as below to complete the project.
·         Implementation

Ø   Frontend and Backend programming
Ø   Microcontroller programming

·         General testing
Ø 89S52
Ø Micro vision keil software
Ø TOP win programmer

·         Hardware

Ø RF Wireless module
Ø LED Message Scrolling Display boards


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